Thought pattern Reconstruction Meditation

We neither mind our feelings, nor are educated to care our inner feelings. We consciously and unconsciously deny the urges of our inner spirit. In daily life, knowingly and unknowingly and also deliberately we are trained to hide or suppress our aspirations. We are often trained to be someone according to the plan of others. So we have lost our inner freedom. The inner child in us is always in bondage. Or rather the image of God in us is aborted. God is always treated as an outsider. It results in innumerable neumo-psycho-somatic problems which even the most modern medicines can not diagnose.

Acharya Dr. A.J. Snehadas has scientifically designed a set of meditation techniques to give expression to your inner spirit and experience liberation. During his last Eight years of 'Vanaprsta' - 'mauna'(silence),Fourty Days of severe Tapas only on water, Four years of solitude and fruit therapy and meditation - in the harmony hills of Snehagiri he designed TPR Meditation . It enables you to give life to your gut level feelings: leads you to self- realization. TPR Meditation is not just a guidance to find the divine in you, but to realize that you are divine.

TPR Meditation For Those Who Want To Live Life In Its Fullness
• A chain smoker does not really want to smoke,
• But wish to quit smoking.
• Desires in vain to stop smoking.
• An Alcoholic does not really want to drink,
• Dreams in vain to stop drinking
• A person who is obese longs to reduce weight is fascinated about slim body.
• But can not control oneself when one sees food.
• And so with anyone who violates one's inner feelings and thus ends up in violating the feelings and life of others. It is the same with those who are hot-tempered, those who abuse partners or children, those who are drug addicts, terrorists, and those who suffer from anger, fear or guilt,… 99% of people have lost touch with their inner self. They are divided in themselves (Schizophrenic) . Thus never experience Harmony: love, peace and joy in life.
• Acharya himself experimented the following:
• He was very hot-tempered- now he can creatively express the energy
• He was a heavy smoker - now he lives on vital energy.
• He was over weight (102 Kg in 2006) - now he is only 72, maintain the weight.
• He has eaten all the possible meat items – now he is a vegetarian.
• He was suffering from inferiority complex- now emanates only positive energy.
• He was slave of a religion- now he promotes scientific spirituality.
• Thousands of people all over the world have experienced inner freedom, liberation and self realization through the insights of Acharya Snehadas.
• The higher self is calling you and you and you … back
"Love Yourself"