Priest, Philosopher, Philanthropist...
Psycho-Spiritual Author, Visionary, Yoga- Meditation Specialist...
Specialist in Family Counselling, Experimenting Natural Farming, Practicing Naturopathy...
Above all, lover of nature and lover of all...
Acharya A.J.Snehadas
He hails from Kappimala, Kannur, and Kerala, India.
He was awarded Bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a rank from the Calicut University, Kerala in 1989.
He was anointed in 1993.
He obtained Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Kerala University, Trivandrum, Kerala, in 2001.
He received M.Phil from the School of philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Madras, Chennai, Tamilnadu in 2003.
While doing Ph.D in the University of Madras he had deeper Self-realization and left intellectual studies in 2004.
He has conducted innumerable seminars, workshops, retreats and Meditations around the world.
Visited the Five continents.
Conducted 111 programmes of Sneha Yoga Meditations.
He is a Franciscan religious/ ‘sanyasi’ for 25 years.
He received the Degree in Naturopathy(D.N.H) from The Indian Natural Heigeiine Society, New Delhi and received practical training from Mahatma Nature Cure Centere, Thaliparamba.
For the last 8 years he is in vanaprasta - 'mauna'(silence), solitude, fruitarianism and meditation - in the harmony hills of Snehagiri, which is an epi-centre of cosmic energy.
For the last three years he has treated hundreds of people suffering from different serious diseases through Nature Cure, Yoga and Meditations. He is also Senior Naturopath and Advanced Yoga Therapist Certified by the Govt. of India. At present Snehagiri Nature Ashram can welcome twenty-five seekers of truth to experience universal harmony.
(In Search of Love and Truth)
"Let Love Be Our Aim"