Sneha yoga Meditation
Love is not a feeling
Love is not an emotion
Love is not an attraction to another
Then what is love?
Come and experience the ineffable reality of LOVE

'Sneha’ means oil, love. Love is the oil of life. Oil even lubricates iron. Different forms of oil is used to keep machines from being broken. The love that is in us keep our life smooth and enjoyable. Without love relationships break in life. Love is the only solution to the problems of modem life.

Deep at the centre of our being, there is an infinite source of love, poured into us through the Spirit of God. It is the ignorance of this truth that leads to all the human suffering. Through the practice of different methods of meditations which Acharya Snehadas has developed, the blocks of love, namely, anger, fear, jealousy, addictions, hatred etc… will be melted away like mist in the sun. Then you will experience oneness with the ultimate reality of love. ‘Yoga’ means union, oneness, whole. Yoga leads a person to experience unity.

Sneha Yoga is a philosophy of life. It marks the dawn of a new era of spiritual evolution as envisioned by Pierre Teilhard Chardin and Sri Aurobindo. In an age reminiscent of the kali yuga ( a period of violence, hatred and division) Sneha Yoga Meditation transforms the lives of people into sneha yuga ( an era of peace, love and harmony).

"Love One Another"