Live On Vital Energy Meditation
All is well in my world
ALL SHALL BE WELL in our world

It is a scientific spirituality for the third millennium. According to Acharya Snehadas, it is the most basic energy of all life foms. It is that part of God, LIFE, LOVE and SPIRIT in all the animate and inanimate foms. We are told that we breathe in Oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. But in fact we are breathing in the VITAL ENERGY from the nature. The scientific world still could not prove it.The Royal School of Science in London said that no object heavier than air can fly. The dreams of Wright Brothers were wrong for the science, until they invented the air craft.

Through Yogic, modern and scientific meditation techniques one is enabled to get in touch with the vital force. The mystics of ancient and modern times who practiced this meditation have lived without food, water and oxygen. “By the power of vital energy at work within us, we are able to achieve far more than we can ask or imagine”. We are always taught of a power out side of us. And we are frightened of it. So we are never at peace. (Bible)

We alienate ourselves from the divine. All the religion’s rituals add fire to it. But the vital energy is pored into our innermost self through the Spirit of God when we are in the womb of our mother. Be bold enough to break the fetters of religion and fly to the world of scientific spirituality, to experience self realization.

Not just to experience the divine in you
But to experience that you are divine…