Emotional Management
Emotional Management means taking conscious control of your attitude and making it positive.
This is crucial because attitude often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
People act NOT ONLY according to:
1. The situation
2. Their knowledge
But also to:
1. Their feelings
2. Their mood.

Emotional Management is the art of controlling the focus of your mind and the physical state of your body, so as to create optimum emotional responses appropriate to the circumstances that face you.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
Positive Mental Attitude is a habitual way of thinking that creates consistent feelings of love, goodness, enthusiasm, determination, motivation”

Acharya Snehadas has developed 18 techniques to transform raw emotions to PMA. He has exposed it in his book A Gospel for the Angry. He has taught them through the programmes of Sneha Yoga Meditation, Live On Vital Energy and Thonniyapathy.

The only thing over which you have complete and unchallengeable control is:Your own mind. Learn to control your mind and transform your negative energy to PMA with Acharya Snehadas.

"Emotion Is The Medium Of Love "